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Back to Draw the Future

October 21st 2015 is/was "Back to the Future Day", the day where Marty McFly and Doc appear in the future after travelling from 1985 in Back to the Future 2. Thunder Chunky put out a short-notice call for illustrators willing to take part in a BTTF tribute project for the 21st and as a huge fan of the BTTF trilogy I put my hand up.

As part of the project everyone taking part was assigned a random character from the future 2015 section of the film, and had to illustrate that character at a 1500 x 1500px using a restricted colour palette based on Marty's hoverboard from the film.

My character was Data, a member of Griff's gang. The full project and all the other amazing artwork from the participating artists can be found here.

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I was looking for a logo for a future project and contacted Simon as I'd been impressed with the illustrations on his website. From the vague brief that he was given, Simon produced multiple options, all of which were beyond my expectations. Once I'd chosen the most suitable, he added further embellishments that added real quality to the design. The design was turned round well within the timescale Simon was given and at a really reasonable price. Gordon Tennent, Sneakytrick

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