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The House Points System

Last year my children got heavily into the Harry Potter books/films which heavily features four school houses that are used for competitions and as a source of pride, reward and punishment – something they also have experience of from their own school house system. Following on from all this and seeing how much of an impression it had made we decided to implement our own house points system at home.House Badges set 1 – Blue Giraffe and Green Spider

The basic system is as follows;

Each child picks an animal and a colour, this then becomes their house. Last years houses were – the Blue Giraffes and the Green Spiders. This year we've picked new houses and they are – Red Owls and Orange Octopus (Octopi?). I create a badge/logo for them.

When they carry out a request without arguing or do something particularly brillant they get house points. Each point = 1p. The points are deposited in glass jars with their house logos attached (very important, so they can see how their behaviour affects the amount of points in the jar!). Bad behaviour means pennies (points) are removed from the jar.

At the end of a designated period the points are added up. The one with the most points wins the house cup! But everyone wins because they all then get to spend their pennies/points on sweets/toys, etc. So the better the behaviour, the bigger the toy!

For the latest cup I got the boys to draw their own badges, and then I scanned and coloured them. The current houses are – Blue Platypus and Grey Wolf.

House Badges set 3 – Blue Platypus and Grey Wolf

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