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Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle – book review

By Jon Burgerman

This review originally appeared on the AOI blog.

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman’s Daily Doodle is 118 pages of tips, ideas and inspiration for the reader to use as a springboard for their own doodling, to help them have fun and not worry about making mistakes or creating “perfect” drawings. It also acts as a sketchbook, with plenty of whitespace and Jon’s scribbbles encouraging you to fill in any space left blank on the page, before moving on to extra sheets and scrap-paper.

The ideas themselves start off simply with a mix of food-stuffs and animals – bananas and hot dogs, cats and dogs – through aeroplanes, monster trucks, houses to ghosts and goblins, and Christmas stuff, all accompanied by humourous descriptions and construction notes. As an added extra the book comes with over 40 stickers, around half of which are full-colour versions of Jon’s doodles from the book, the rest are just outlines waiting for the reader to fill in the details before sticking.

I’d imagine any fan of Jon’s work would enjoy flicking through this book – I am and I did – and it would be a great book for giving children ideas and confidence in the early stages of their drawing play/exploration, or for an adult who’s maybe been through some of the adult books of recent years but who lacks the confidence to draw themselves.

Jon Burgerman
Jon Burgerman

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